Sunday, 29 September 2013


The only reason I was drawn to this film was Chris Hemsworth. I'm not too proud to admit that he is pretty and I based my decision on that. The fact that the film was being shown as a preview at my local Cineworld also didn't lessen it's appeal. Having said that, I do find Formula 1 racing to be one of the dullest sports there is.

The film re-enacts the story of rival Formula 1 drivers, James Hunt (Hemsworth) of the UK, and Niki Lauda (
Brühl) of Austria. Lauda is a much more careful, considerate, driver than Hunt but still has great talent behind the wheel, whereas Hunt is all about putting on a show. Yes he's got finesse but he's also young and reckless. Their rivalry comes to a head during the German Grand Prix race of 1976, when Lauda voices his concern about driving in the rain and is overruled by Hunt and his cocky friends. Unfortunately it's Lauda who pays the price for their careless thinking when he crashes his car and it bursts into flames, with him still inside. His recovery is miraculous and will change not only Lauda's life but it will also humble the arrogant Hunt and change the rules of racing forever.

I was so impressed by Rush in every way. The racing scenes were shot so tightly and appeared so slick, it made me excited to watch race after race, which has never before been the case. Helmer Ron Howard and his cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle have done a fantastic job of the look and feel of this movie. 

As for the two leads, I honestly can't fault either. You might go into this, as I did, thinking this was Hemsworth's film. When you come out of it I hope you will think of it as more of a 50/50 split. Understand that I thought Hemsworth was great, but without his chemistry with Brühl, and the way they shared the load of this movie, I don't think he would have held the film up by himself. Brühl's performance is key in you finding Hemsworth's character at all likeable. They are both wonderful to watch, and the way their dislike of one another sparks is what keeps you hooked.

I really can't recommend Rush highly enough. Even if you hate Formula 1 I don't see how you can fail to find something here. 9 out of 10.

Viewing Date - 3rd September 2013
UK Release Date - 13th September 2013

Cast Overview:
James Hunt ~ Chris Hemsworth
Niki Lauda ~ Daniel Brühl 
Suzy Miller ~ Olivia Wilde
Marlane Lauda ~ Alexandra Maria Lara
Clay Regazzoni ~ Pierfrancesco Favino
Louis Stanley ~ David Calder
Nurse Gemma ~ Natalie Dormer

Director ~ Ron Howard
Writer ~ Peter Morgan


  1. it did look good if not an unusual choice for Ron Howard as most Americans aren't into F1.

  2. It's not good. It's bloody brilliant (as a different Ron would say). I urge you, of all people, to go see it. Go with Lee, go with Zoe, go with Ethan. Go with all of them. I guarantee they'll all love it!