Monday, 30 September 2013

We're The Millers

The last Jennifer Aniston film I saw at the cinema was Horrible Bosses. Which also starred Jason Sudeikis, who is in this film. And as it turned out, it wasn't half bad. I heard similar things about this film and decided to give it a shot.

We're The Millers tells the story of how David (
Sudeikis), a guy who has done nothing with his life except sell weed since High School, ends up owing money to big time drug lord Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms)Gurdlinger gives David one last chance to pay him back by hiring him to get a 'smidge' of marijuana over the border from Mexico to the US. David decides that the only way he is going to pull this off is if he hires some people to pretend to be his 'family', and that way they can convince officials they are just on a family vacation. He hires a stripper, Rose (Aniston), who lives in his building to be his wife, a local homeless girl, Casey (Roberts), to be his daughter and his neighbour, Kenny (Poulter), who's been abandoned by his mother, to be his son. They pick up an RV and have the next three days to become the perfect all American family.

Much like Horrible Bosses, this film is not half bad. It has quite a few laugh out loud scenes, at least one gross out scene which is actually nowhere near as bad as most gross out scenes in movies such as this, and it has it's heartwarming ending. Here is where I have a problem.

There is nothing new about We're The Millers but it's a decent comedy none-the-less. The only downside is that during the heartwarming ending, our hero (or as close to a hero as 
Sudeikis' character gets) has a change of heart so miraculous, it would surely make even the man upstairs do a double take. His speech at the end was not only cheesy, but also completely unbelievable given what we know about his character. It's a shame too as I really enjoyed the movie, cliches and all, up to that point.

If you can forgive a selfish character growing a conscience 15 minutes before the credits roll you should see We're The Millers. If not, maybe give it a miss. 7 out of 10.

Viewing Date - 4th September 2013
UK Release Date - 23rd August 2013

Cast Overview:
Rose O'Reilly Jennifer Aniston
David Clark ~ Jason Sudeikis
Casey Mathis ~ Emma Roberts
Kenny Rossmore ~ Will Poulter
Brad Gurdlinger ~ Ed Helms
Don Fitzgerald ~ Nick Offerman
Edie Fitzgerald ~ Kathryn Hahn
Melissa Fitzgerald ~ Molly Quinn

Director ~ Rawson Marshall Thurber
Writer(s) ~ Bob Fisher (Screenplay and Story), Steve Faber (Screenplay and Story), Sean Anders (Screenplay) and John Morris (Screenplay)

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  1. Ha ha! I love films like that, like in HOT FUZZ when the shit cops become good at the end (which I guess is a homage to DIE HARD 2 and the Dennis Franz character,)